Floor Repair

We Can Repair Flooring Whatever the Damage

Expert Flooring Repairs and Seamless Blends

Four Seasons Hardwood Floors specializes in repairing and replacing damaged flooring boards caused by pets, water, furniture, or stains. Our skilled team ensures that the repairs seamlessly blend in with your existing floors, leaving no trace of the issue. You’ll never suspect there was a problem once we’re done!

Lacing in Boards: If you’re adding wood to a new room and want it to seamlessly join with an existing hardwood space, our lacing-in technique is the perfect solution. We’re dedicated to identifying and handling flooring problems, no matter how challenging.

Experienced Professionals: With years of experience, our professionals handle everything from new installations to old floor tear-outs and repair work. Whether the issue is confined to a small section of a room or affects multiple rooms in your home, trust our team to make your floors look new again. 🌟

Removing the Damaged Flooring

The process of repairing stained, warped or damaged flooring starts with removing the old flooring.

Laced-In New Boards Ready for Stain

Then we seamlessly lace in brand new floor boards that match the original hardwoods or other types of flooring. Then it’s sanded and stained in a matching hue as best as possible.